About us

Quellogiusto: one word with a capital Q.
Quellogiusto means "the right one". Our Pay Off  “take your style out for a walk” refers to something that goes beyond fashion. Style is deeply connected with personality. It's all about uniqueness.

Our reality was born in 2007, spin off of a previous business project.
During the years Quellogiusto became a retail chain with 13 openings among Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Emilia Romagna; our last opening was Udine - 2017.
Physical meets digital: that's why we started an e-commerce business and we are very active on the most known social media.

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In our opinion work is a value and values are the heart of our business. We want to be an international fashion landmark acting local and thinking global. Hard training and value creation are our cornerstones. We believe in affordability: with us, fashion is for all. 

We transform huge empty spaces in boutiques. We offer the hugest fashion selection and the biggest price variety. We continously work on service level in order to improve our costumers' shopping experience. We focus on the creation of value. Technology meets tradition: being opened to the world doesn't prevent us to be close to our customers. Sens of belonging and the ambition to be better make us "Quellogiusto".

Quellogiusto opened 13 stores in the provinces of Padova, Treviso, Vicenza and Venezia. In 2017 we had the first openings out of Veneto with the brand new stores of Udine and Ferrara.
Store format is extremly recogniszable: white and red are the dominant colors and minimum size is 1800 squared meters. Quellogiusto focuses on the shopping experience that's why we decided to create relax lounges in every store.

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Over 300 people with one goal: value creation. We work every day to be better, not only in business. Excellent service, huge fashion selection and competitive price. We look for the best, we want the best...we give the best!
Focus on peole: partners and customers allow us to be "Quellogiusto". Human capital makes the difference. "Improvement" is the keyword.

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Our institutional colors are white and red, mixed they give pink. We are a pink company: almost 300 women, a team ready to achieve business goals. Storks don't scare us as they give new motivation and help in improving the ability to go beyond obstacles. Our Pink Team is the company beating heart.

We believe that fashion has thousand shades and we try to cover them all. A unique reality, over 900 brands and 35.000 references. “You can find whatever you want”: this is a promise we are able to keep. Made in Italy excellence meets every price range. We can satisfy every fashion need: style and wallet don't necessarily have to be at odds. How can we do this? Thanks to our buyers who find the best collections worldwide. Fashion is fast, we are faster!

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Quellogiusto steps further launching 30 private lables characterized by Made in Italy design and production, our style department transforms trends in uniqueness. Materials are essential, design too. We believe in manifacturing and crafts: italian knowledge means quality. We produce our shoes in Italy and Europe according to national protocols. Fashion is experience above all!!

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A company liveliness depends from its capability to face change. Quellogiusto lands online in 2011 with an e-commerce that combines exclusive brands with luxury and commercial items. More than 900 brand,  over 35.000 references, fast shipping and customer service. Behind a digital face you can find real people. A dedicated team will welcome every need: once you express your desire we are ready to realize it.

Your Trust is our biggest award.
In 2018 we have been rewarded as one of  the 500 best companies in Italy. According to il Corriere della Sera, one of the most important and historic italian newspapers, we are an model of success. Also Pambianco, an institution in fashion, talked about us. We have been mentioned in the Italian Gallery of Excellence.

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